Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

best.. enjoyed watching Repunzel !!

Yesterday, i went to The Mines watching the Repunzel with my dear. This story is so funny, enjoyable, quite touching when her fake mum ask her not to leave by singing the song. hahahaha...
the most funny moment is when Maximus (The palace horse try to chase and fight Fynn Rider..)

Rumah Impian Kami..

We plan to stay Taman Semenyih Permata after we married, he already bought a 2-storey terrace house.
Now, we are waiting for the CF... After get the key, we plan to renovate first before move in.

Really need the interior designer to help me to decor my future house... any volunteer..?? hehehe...
i'm sure no body will work for Free!!.
If i have a budget, i love to have this bed... so sweet ..

For the living room, I think this design will suit to my house, simple but looks elegance