Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Persiapan Kahwin Kami

Alhamdulillah, we have decided to choose 2nd February 2011 as our wedding day!!


2 Feb 2011 - Akad Nikah ->  Grey Theme
4 Feb 2011- Wedding Day -> PurpleGrape Theme
6 Feb 2011- Reception -> Dark Green Theme
                                                                                               (picture taken from http://www.theamericanwedding.com)

3rd February actually his birthday, I've plan to have his birthday celebration right after Akad nikah events.
I will bought him birthday cake also present to him.. :)

♥♥our preparation ♥♥

1) Invitation cards - already booked
2) bridal- booked
3) wedding dress- booked
4) make up- booked
5) photography- already booked
6) Door Gift - complete
7) Gifts for him- complete
8) cakes- booked
9) pre-wedding course- attended
10) HIV test - no yet...

food for guest in under my parent decisions, i leave it to them.. they know better than me.. :)

We are Getting Married!!

We are getting married... !!! Alhamdulillah... Finally, i realized we are created for each other. We plan we will have our wedding caremony on 4hb February 2011 (On Chinese New Year). Hopefully all my family, relatives and friends will attend on my special day.

Events as below:
2 Feb 2011 - Akad Nikah ->  Grey Theme
4 Feb 2011- Wedding Day -> PurpleGrape Theme
6 Feb 2011- Reception -> Dark Green Theme

Detik Perkenalan Kami..

Before facebook, most of us madly use friendster as a social network web. Usually, after login, I always hit my most favourite menu.. "Who Viewed Me"... Love to see who viewed my profile everyday.. :)
Our sweet moment begin here. One day, after I click on this menu, I saw his name ♥♥Mohd Nashrul ♥♥ his name sound so familiar.. I just click on his page, just in case I know him... Since his profile picture just the back of him at the office, I thought he was my senior on my secondary school.

Then, at the same day, he add me as his friend and he send me a message thru Friendster.

“ Salam..
Boleh berkenalan…?”

Like want to tackle me already.. hehehe… I just approved and reply his email. At that time, I’m in final semester completing my degree studies, while him working at Miri (Offshore). Day by day, we just reply the message thru Friendster. After that, I add him on my YM list. He so glad, same goes to me.. I think I’m in love already because I always wait for him to online. One more thing, I love to hear this song, “The one who won my heart” by Christian Bautista.. it was a very lovely song that I never listen to..

One day, while we are chatting using YM, he ask me my phone number. I am waiting for this so long time.. Immediately after he has my phone number, he gives me a call.. (ececeh… malu2 dia sblum ni…)

After that day, we always have a phone conversation only until the day I wait for him back from Miri, Sarawak

We declare on 10 Oct 2008.. only by phone, at that time we still not see each other. Now, our relationship is about 2 years..
link utk lagu sweet tu... dengarlah..lagu tu..