Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Persiapan Kahwin Kami

Alhamdulillah, we have decided to choose 2nd February 2011 as our wedding day!!


2 Feb 2011 - Akad Nikah ->  Grey Theme
4 Feb 2011- Wedding Day -> PurpleGrape Theme
6 Feb 2011- Reception -> Dark Green Theme
                                                                                               (picture taken from http://www.theamericanwedding.com)

3rd February actually his birthday, I've plan to have his birthday celebration right after Akad nikah events.
I will bought him birthday cake also present to him.. :)

♥♥our preparation ♥♥

1) Invitation cards - already booked
2) bridal- booked
3) wedding dress- booked
4) make up- booked
5) photography- already booked
6) Door Gift - complete
7) Gifts for him- complete
8) cakes- booked
9) pre-wedding course- attended
10) HIV test - no yet...

food for guest in under my parent decisions, i leave it to them.. they know better than me.. :)

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