Wednesday, December 26, 2012

saya dan susu.. EBM

During my pregnancy, I keep on reading, surfing and watching program about pregnancy, babies and all those program related to mummy and  babies. Buying Pa & Ma mazagines, but I feel it is  not enough. I send email to Doctor Tan Ay Eeng who is in charge on my progress pregnancy.

when I'm expecting, I'm still working at MyREN Cyberjaya. During prayer time, I can see about 2-3 mothers pumping their breast milk.  hehehhe... dengan muka x malunye, I just simply ask... how to use, how they store the EBM and where they buy...

At that time, I'm really really excited and when my pregnancy is about 7-8months, I ask my husband to accompany me to baby fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC) .

We bought Breast Pump... 1 Set of Moms Little One Spectra 3 hehehhehe... It cost about RM799 and for sure i ask my husband to buy it for me.. :)
Thanks dear.. :)

just becoz the time i bought this breast pump on Maternity Expo... I get 2 additional Ice Bag, Bottle cleanser and bottle cap for nipple.

Even the brand is not good as Avent, but i'm really satisfied with the pump. It really helps me... tp syg nye tak leh nak pump consistently disebabkan kesuntukan masa dan keadaan kerja yang tak menentu setiap hari...

I'm sorry dear, I can't make it... Actually, ummi really hopes that Ummi will serve you better. Especially, exclusively breast feeding for 6 month... atleast!!

haaaa.... for sterilizer, i bought this one, since it offer... heheheheh

sejak dua menjak aina dah makan ni... dah jarang pam dpt byk susu.. paling byk pun 4 oz je...
kalo time xde tu.. 2 oz pun ade...
nak dijadikan crite, saya pam semalam... 26 Dec 2012... dpt 6 oz.. pam pagi n petang... happy sgt...
rzki Aina masih ada walaupun dia skang dah setahun lebih,... Alhamdulillah.. :)

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